Beatwife is now back in the UK. Working on new material and experimenting with new devices. Stay posted for updates on new releases coming very soon on Love Love Records! Also currently booking shows all across the EU.

Beatwife – Cornbrail Acid 2.5
Richard Wilson here provides us with an intermediary instalment of his Cornbrail Acid sound for Japan, compiling an assortment of delights old and new made using his distinctive home-brewed software. Almost a companion to 2014’s ‘Cornbrail Acid 2’, some fans will recognise previously unreleased tracks on this CD such as Snappy and Punch Drummer that have been lurking in the public domain since that time. These tracks, on top of a few select cuts from ‘Cornbrail Acid 2’, provide familiar foundations for this album – whilst the rest of the material will be brand new to all listeners.
Cornbrail Acid 3より更に前進したBeatwifeのニューミニアルバムは、遥々スコットランドから届けられる真正のエレクトロニックミュージックである。

ここに収められたトラックの多くは、彼が、カシオXW-PD1という、全く新しいグルーブマシンを使ってプログラミングされた音を使用した、意欲的かつ実験的な内容になっている。 Read-On

Recently having been selected by the Casio corporation to develop sounds for a new line of synthesizer and mixing products :) See image link*